Monday, June 22, 2009

Reset Identity column value in sql

( 'table'
[ , { NORESEED | { RESEED [ , new_reseed_value ] } } ]

NORESEED - The current identity value should not be changed.
RESEED - Change the identity value.
new_reseed_value - The new seed value to be used for the identity column.
WITH NO_INFOMSGS - Suppresses all information messages.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Update Dynamic Values in App.Config

Here is the code to update the dynamic values in app.config

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day Pilot Calendar Div problem in IE7 Browsers

Day Pilot Calendar Div problem in IE7 Browsers

Calendar does not set in the IE7 Where as It Works fine in Firefox. In Ie7 It get blocked. it ruins the whole day and at last i found the solution by

Set the parent div to position: relative

Read Me and License Agreement While Creating Window Setup

Here is the instruction to add readme and license agreement while creating Windows Setup:

1) Select File->New->Project.

2) In the project panes, select Setup and deployment projects. In the templates pane, select setup project.

3) Select File->Add project->Existing Project. And add your project

4) Select the "File System on Target Machine" in the File system editor.

5) To add the output, select View->Custom ActionàAdd Custom Action->project output. Select "Project" from the drop down-list. Select primary output from the output list.

6) Click the ok button.

7) To create a shortcut on the desktop, in the details pane select primary output from sample. Select action->create shortcut to primary output. Change the shortcut name. Drag the shortcut to the user's Desktop node in the left pane.

8) Right Click on the User Desktop Select Properties Window and Change the Condition Property to SHORTCUTDEMO

9) To add Read Me and License file follow the procedure

10) Create ReadMe.Rtf File and License.Rtf File and add it in the application folder in the file system editor Note: If the Content is not displayed in read me and license then there is a problem in rtf format file.

11) Select View à User Interface Editor and right click on start under install category and click Add Dialog menu.

12) In the Add Dialog box, select the Checkboxes (A), License Agreement, Read Me, and Splash dialog boxes, and then add them to the Start sequence.

13) Drag and drop the dialog boxes into the proper sequence

14) Select the License Agreement dialog box and view its properties window. Change the License File property to license.rtf.

15) Select the Read Me dialog box and select View | Properties Window to bring up its properties window. Change the Readme File property to readme.rtf.

16) To have the logo display on all of these additional default dialogs, set the Banner Bitmap property to developer.gif.

17) Use the Checkboxes (A) dialog box to ask the user whether the demo shortcut you placed in the User's Desktop folder should be installed or not. Modify the properties of this dialog box to match the Figure 5 screenshot.

18) Remember to set the CheckBox1Property to SHORTCUTDEMO. This value is the same as the Condition property that you set for the User's Desktop folder in the File System Editor. If the user selects this checkbox during installation, the value of the SHORTCUTDEMO condition is set to true. As a result, the shortcut installs on the user's desktop. If the user does not select this checkbox, the SHORTCUTDEMO condition is set to false and the shortcut does not install.